The Prinicpality of Amidonia, or Amidionia was a small country that bordered on Elfrieden's west side. Due to its small size, it was not considered as a true kingdom. It was ruled by Gaius Amidonia and later by his son Julius, before finally cease being a country shortly after the Five Day War.

Geography and History Edit

Amidonia was described as a small, mountainous country with its main source of income from its mining industry. Due to a war with Elfrieden Kingdom 50 years prior to signing the Humanity Declaration Treaty, Amidonia lost half of its original territory, including its valuable farming lands. As a result, the country was in a constant state of food shortages. This problem was compounded by the fact that the ruler followed a 'military first' policy and spent all available funds on strengthening the army, rather than on food, the economy, and infrastructure. Its only protection was the Humanity Declaration Treaty, which prevented the other countries from invading it.

With the rebellion of Georg Carmine and Castor Vargas, Gaius thought it was an excellent opportunity to invade Elfrieden and take back the lands that formerly belonged to Amidonia. This proved to be a grave error in judgement, as the Elfrieden forces not only repelled the Amidonian Army, but also took the capital city of Vannes. With Gaius killed during the war and his son unable to govern the country effectively, the entire principality became wracked with numerous riots and rebellions. With the revolt of the people of Vannes and the re-occupation of the city by Elfrieden, Julius was forced into exile

With the Grand Chaos Empire and King Souma Kazuya's consent, the Principality of Amidonia was annexed and merged with the Elfrieden Kingdom, becoming the Kingdom of Friedonia.